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Hostname SaltyZombies DayZ Server | Map | PvE W/ PVP Areas | Snafu Weap
Status Checked 5 minutes ago
Players 0 / 50
Location United States of America
Version 1.19.155542
Platform Windows
Map chernarusplus
Registered by SaltyZombies
Registered since June 11th, 2022 11:52 PM EST
Last update January 15th, 2023 03:09 AM EST
Tag(s) Dedicated

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We understand the PVP side of this game can get pretty toxic, and sometimes you want to chill and enjoy DayZ for what it is. So we created a DayZ PvE server. So, if you are looking for a server where you have peace of mind to roam and the mods are used to enhance the gameplay instead of completely changing it? Or even a great server without any PvP at all? You have come to the right place.

We are Salty Zombies, a gaming community that initially started for the love of the zombie apocalypse survival and crafting game known as 7 Days To Die. But now, our community has grown with a gaming discord of over 8,000 members. As a result, we expanded into other games. Our DayZ PVE Server is one of them.

List of our mods:
*Improved Vanilla Vehicles
*Base Building Plus 2.0
*Extended Crafting System
*Global Chat
*Helicopters. The good ones.
*Custom Clothing Mods
*Modular Vest System


RUST Servers
We have multiple RUST servers. First, a strictly RUST PvE Zombie Server with many PVE mods, like nighttime zombies and raidable NPC bases, etc. The other is a RUST Building Server for players who like to build super bases and want to test them out for PVP without the hassle of actually having to defend it whilst they are building. This server is also our RUST Minicopter Server for people to practice flying. We do have a variety of PVP Servers for you to choose from. More information on these are on our RUST Discord.

Conan Exiles
Conan Exiles was the first game we ever started hosting outside 7 Days To Die. Many of our community members enjoyed this game and asked if we would consider opening a Conan Exiles Server. So when the time came to expand, this was where we started. It's one of our most popular servers, and we have many quality of life mods installed, including the famous Age of Calamitous expansion mod. So join our Conan Exiles Discord if you want to join the server.

SCUM PvE Server
SCUM is similar to RUST as a PVP-based survival game. However, it has one of the most complex character survival mechanisms I have ever seen. So we opened a SCUM PVE Server simply to give players a chance to learn to survive the PVE side of things before they ventured off into our new SCUM PVP Server.

7 Days To Die
The game where Salty Zombies all started 7 Days To Die. We run some of the world's most famous 7 Days To Die servers and have a vast selection for you to choose from. We have PVE Servers in the USA, ASIA and EU. We also have the most popular 7 Days To Die PVP server in the world, according to battle metrics. But that's not all. We are huge fans of the overhaul mods like Undead Legacy and Darkness Falls and host these as well.

ARK PVE Servers
Another sought-after game our community wanted us to get was an ARK PVE Server, and we don't go small at Salty Zombies. So we decided to get an entirely new dedicated server and load up all 12 maps on there, making one of the few servers that have an entire 12 map cluster. We also have a ton of mods and features installed. For more information on those, join our ARK Discord.