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Posted on November 27th, 2020 10:00 AM EST
Hello Survivors,

A long and challenging year is finally winding down and the 2020 Steam Awards are right around the corner. We’d like to thank all of you who voted for us last year and helped us secure the Better with Friends Award. Now we’d like to ask for your support once again.

There’s only one category for games that weren’t released this year, which puts us in the thick of some stiff competition. Clearly, we’re an underdog in this race. But we are talking about the Labor of Love Award after all, which is a fitting description for our little labor of love – DayZ. Here’s the criteria for the prestigious award:

“This game has been out for a while. The team is well past the debut of their creative baby, but being the good parents they are, these devs continue to nurture and support their creation. This game, to this day, is still getting new content after all these years.”

As many of you know, DayZ has been available on Steam for nearly seven years now, and our team here in Prague has been tirelessly working on the game in a continual effort to improve it. Some veteran players will attest that it hasn’t always been the smoothest of rides. Others might even say there were moments of pure torment. Nevertheless, we believe (and hope you agree!) that the game has gotten exponentially better over time. Not only that, but we promise to continue elevating the game to greater heights, regardless of nominations or awards. Matter of fact, in addition to our recent 1.10 Game Update, just yesterday we released a new hotfix on our Experimental branch to improve the server performance!

But this isn’t just about our development team or Bohemia Interactive as a whole. Another reason we believe DayZ deserves the Labor of Love Award is because we’ve been blessed with an amazing community of modders, server owners, and content creators who’ve invested so much of their valuable time to provide unique and memorable experiences to our loyal group of players around the globe. We’ve seen this remarkable surge of support blossom over the last two years and we can’t wait to see where it will go from here.

We’d be honored if you’d consider nominating DayZ for the Labor of Love Award, and wouldn’t ask if we didn’t feel our efforts and yours truly deserve it.

To cast your vote, please visit this year’s Steam Awards Nomination Page.

It’ll only take a minute and we’d really appreciate your support.

Thank you!
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