Community Spotlight - 8 October 2018

Posted on October 8th, 2018 11:22 AM EST

Hello everyone,

I am really happy that we've made the decision to separate the Community Spotlight into its own day - now we have more space for you creativity, and also more information from me!

We were shooting a Dev Log video last Thursday in our motion capture studio in Mníšek pod Brdy. It was a really long day but we are satisfied with the result. I can't promise you when this video will be out, but I have some behind the scenes pictures and a bunch of short Instagram stories on our Instagram account. I've added the stories to our archive, so you can watch them without any limits[]

  • I hope all of you know our best screenshot-er DrDeSync. This screenshot looks really creepy, and I am afraid to ask if these guys are friendly. Because I don't think they are.

  • Another nice screenshot is made by pizzausfree. Thank you for sharing!

  •  rumski  called this screenshot "Dropping Gear and Stuffing Faces Because...Running…". It is not needed to collect everything you find, man!

  • Meet Michael and the trailer he's living in. It looks like a cozy place! Intruzo posted his experience from a role-play server on Reddit. He said Michael was really friendly and he invited him to his trailer for dinner. I like players like Michael, they make the DayZ experience more interesting for other players.

  • This screenshot comes from the Xbox community. Wilson80121 and his squad are ready to go to Tisy.

  • This is a nice edit from kakshiOG called "Fallout Storm". Good job!

  • ZomboCZ really cares about DayZ. He likes to share every detail he can find in the game. Last week, he posted a bunch of new assets from the Experimental branch on Reddit, which he thinks could be interesting for the community. I am going to share it here with you.
A train station is now enter-able, you can see all details of the building HERE.

He also focused on the new R-105 Soviet military radio. If you don't know how it works - you can use it the same way as a regular walkie-talkie, but the voice transmission, so it's very useful for role-players and friendly survivors.

You maybe don't know it, but we have new fruits on the Experimental branch. You can find plums and pears now. Here are detailed shots from ZomboCZ.

If you still have a problem to find a new fruit, I think this can help you a little. You can find pears under these trees:

And plums here:

  • The first video is by Rene aka BarelyInfected and he gave us a story about hunger. When you are dying of hunger in DayZ, are you going to kill and eat your buddy? It is all about choices.
  • This is not a friendly encounter. It is pure PVP action, fast and deadly:
  • When you join some server with increased infected spawn, you should expect some trouble. But never give up, man!

  • Check out this great DayZ cinematic by mov3ax!
  • This video is probably some part of role-play, I really did not get what happened there, but The Syndicate group isn't friendly at all. A lot of players died in this video.
  • Uncuepa is a great buddy from the community and if you know him, you can ask him some questions, because Boydy will record an interview with him. Ask your questions HERE.
  • People are fighting over water, food, ammo. But sometimes, the reason to kill is simply just a jacket. Damn, it had to be a really nice jacket though!

  • This is also a funny video. Xbox player O_Ambulo_O got trolled by his friend. It is hilarious! Click on the picture for watching:

Let's talk about modding or game changes you made!
  • Xxkabalxx is probably working on winter in Chernarus, because he shared a first sound test and I can feel the cold from it.
  • Someone could want more spawn points on his/her server. If you don't know how to do it, here are instructions.

  • I know, I know. Everyone already heard about the DayZ Battle Royale mode. We are working on our own Battle Royale mode called the Survivor GameZ, but untill that's ready, you can try this community mode.

  • And mov3ax is already working on airdrops. What do you think, guys?

  • ZiltoidTheHorror doesn't care if we have an auto-run button in-game. Real PC players use coins, matches or papers. Console players are using hair rubber bands. 

  • Yolikus is living in the real Chernarus aka Ústí nad Labem. And this is the view from his flat compared to the game. Awesome, thank you for sharing!

And the last part of the Community Spotlight is the location riddle. 
The small building is located near Gorka:

And the winners are:
Good work guys, thank you!

And the next location is:

Send your answer to our Twitter account with the #DayZriddleTime hashtag.

That is all from me, thank you for your amazing content and see you in two weeks!

Header image by Memorix Gamer.


Baty Alquawen/Community Manager


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