PAYDAYZ Event| The Return of the Payday Masks & Chain's Debut in DayZ

Posted on July 3rd, 2024 09:28 AM EST

Dear Survivors,

We’re excited to announce the return of DayZ’s iconic Payday masks during our special PayDayZ event! While our team is working diligently on the Frostline expansion (which will deliver a winter experience to DayZ later this autumn), we wanted to give you something to celebrate at the beginning of summer.

Character cosmetics and seasonal events have been major focuses in our recent updates, and this summer event is no exception. A massive shoutout to our friends at Starbreeze Studio and the Payday team for allowing us to feature legendary masks from Payday (Dallas, Houston, and Wolf), as well as Chains, which is making its DayZ debut.

Veteran DayZ players will fondly remember when these masks were synonymous with banditry. Due to the visual progress DayZ has made over the years, and the masks provided by the Payday team, we’ve fully reworked them with brand new textures to fit our current aesthetic. The masks will be distributed across both maps, with two types on each map. You'll need to travel between the maps or obtain them from an unlucky server hopper.

The iconic star-spangled mask of Dallas, along with the masks of the original Payday crew, are returning to DayZ for a limited time on the 4th of July. The event will run until July 23rd across all platforms, and community server owners will have access to the event files even after the event is over.

So rally your squad, then suit up, mask up, and score some sweet loot!

On behalf of the DayZ team,

Check out Payday 3 and the new Boys in Blue DLC here:
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