DayZ Livonia DLC for FREE? DayZ new Soundtrack FREE?

Posted on May 21st, 2024 11:06 AM EST

Greetings, Survivors!

Get ready for May 27th, when Redux Update 1.25 brings an ambitious transformation merging DayZ with the Livonia DLC into one unified, enriched gameplay adventure.

What's Happening?

Update 1.25: This update is a pivotal moment for DayZ, combining the base game and Livonia DLC.
Effective immediately, Livonia will no longer be offered as a separate purchase. Instead, all current owners of the DayZ base game will seamlessly receive the Livonia DLC without additional costs.

Last Chance Sale: In anticipation of DayZ Redux update 1.25, we're giving newcomers a special opportunity to join our growing community.
From May 22nd to May 26th, take advantage of DayZ at its discounted original price. This is your last chance to seize DayZ and On May 27th Livonia DLC for Free!

Price Adjustment Notified: Note that with the introduction of Redux Update 1.25 on May 27th, the price will be adjusted.
This increase, however, brings value by combining the base game and DLC into one survival experience.

Update Reminder: Don't forget to update your game on May 27th to unlock Livonia.
From the densest woods to the most serene landscapes, Livonia is a testament to the unknown adventures that await.

Soundtrack Gift: Appreciation for our players knows no bounds.
As a special bonus, all who already own DayZ and Livonia before the update will receive the official soundtrack. Let the immersive tunes of survival escort your journey.

Your Action Plan:

  1. Mark the dates: May 22nd to May 26th for the Last Chance Sale, then gear up for the Redux Update 1.25 on May 27th.
  2. Stay Updated: Ensure your game is refreshed on May 27th to welcome Livonia into the fold of your survival escapades.
  3. Wishlist DayZ Frostline

– The DayZ Team
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