DayZ Frostline Expansion

Posted on May 9th, 2024 09:10 AM EST

Dear Survivors,
Exciting news—DayZ is set to embrace fire and ice with the upcoming DayZ Frostline Expansion! Get ready to embark on an adventure in a brand new location: the Sakhal archipelago. This expansion introduces a whole new survival challenges, spread over 83km² of volcanic land, icy seas, and treacherous terrains. We hope that your anticipation is high for this fall's release, and you can now wishlist Frostline on Steam.

The centerpiece of the expansion is the Sakhal terrain, inviting you to explore its rugged and desolate reaches. Unlike previous locations, you'll play as a survivor seeking refuge in the rumored safe haven of Sakhal, only to face an unforgiving environment frozen both in time and climate. Despite its brutality, Sakhal promises beauty at every perilous turn, with frozen lakes, snow-draped forests, and frosty peaks.

The proximity to volcanic regions amplifies the hazards, doubling the threats you'll face. Although the terrain may be more compact compared to previous ones, each new challenge in the expansion will deliberately decelerate your progress, compelling you to recalibrate your playstyles.

To survive, you'll need to adapt like the new region-specific wildlife species acclimated to the cold, equipping winter-themed cosmetics to brave the elements and uncover Sakhal's intriguing structures and points of interest.

Preparation is key to survival, and as the frost sets in, only those with ice in their veins and fire in their hearts will endure.
DayZ Frostline is coming, heralding a chilling new chapter in the ultimate fight for survival.

We hope to see you on the island,

Adam, Lynn, and the DayZ Team
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