Welcoming Vigor to Steam and the PC Community!

Posted on April 17th, 2024 01:00 PM EST

Hello Survivors,

We are excited to share some fantastic news from our fellow survivors and outlanders at Bohemia Interactive. After much anticipation and numerous requests from its dedicated fanbase, Vigor is making its leap to PC! This marks a significant moment as the game opens up the gritty and engrossing world of the Outlands to a broader audience, now with the precision of mouse and keyboard gameplay.

Set to launch in May as an Early Access title on Steam, Vigor's move to PC is a strategic step similar to its successful releases on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Preview. This early access formula has proven effective, allowing the developers to incorporate community feedback and refine the game experience continually.

Head over Vigor for more insight:

Happy surviving!

The DayZ Team
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