DayZ Community Items on Steam

Posted on March 7th, 2024 09:59 AM EST

Hey Survivors,

DayZ community items have officially landed on Steam! As part of our Marketing team's endeavors this year, we're not only expanding the DayZ brand as we have mentioned in our previous articles but also fulfilling our existing commitments to ensure comprehensive coverage and a strong presence across all social platforms.

This includes our newly introduced community items on Steam, featuring trading cards, badges, backgrounds, and emoticons. You will now have the opportunity to craft and personalize your Steam profile with our DayZ official badges and background.

Staying true to our legacy of empowering player-made narratives and our motto, "This is your story," the primary theme of the cards revolves around the organic player experience and natural gameplay loop progression, complemented by lore-inspired elements.

Regardless of whether you're a bright-eyed freshie or a seasoned veteran, we truly believe you will appreciate these. In the coming months, we also have plans to expand on this initiative by publishing premium items, including animated avatars, animated backgrounds, and frames for purchase in the Steam point shop. So, stay tuned for more goodies.

On behalf of the DayZ team,

Check out our latest Update 1.24 and DayZ in 2024:

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