DayZ | 1.22 Experimental Update - Out Now

Posted on July 27th, 2023 09:14 AM EST
📢Greetings, Survivors!
We’re excited to announce that game update 1.22 is now available on experimental branches on Steam!
We’ve got a lot of new bugs bags and backpacks – coming in this update. We won’t dive deep into what they are or how they look, but let’s just say that our focus was on increasing the variety in lower tiers. That’s because we felt there weren’t enough options, and it was fairly easy to obtain a high-capacity backpack early on in the game.

Next on the menu is a major balancing pass on melee combat. We introduced the mace and sword in update 1.21 and observed that it was fairly difficult to balance how these weapons behaved against each other. As a result, we did some balancing on both the attacking and defending side of things, and tried to do a better job distinguishing between tools and weapons in their stats (i.e. a tool is not necessarily made for combat, unlike an actual weapon). Additionally, clothing items with meaningful protection should actually provide much better protection now to those who wear them. The chances of bleeding were reworked as well, and we also fixed the issue regarding infected bleed attacks ignoring protection. This should greatly improve your odds of surviving a fight with the infected, particularly when wearing an item like chainmail. Furthermore, we removed the ability to stun opponents with certain light items.

Players on Steam will be happy to hear that the launcher server browser has received a number of improvements, such as:

All tabs are now automatically refreshed at the start of the launcher and queries are not restarted whenever a tab is switched.
A direct connect window now allows you to connect to a modded server and offers the option to add the server to your favorites.
The player count is no longer obfuscated and the actual number of players on a server is displayed instead.

The change in displaying the player count is also reflected in the in-game server browsers, which means console players will also be able to benefit from this improvement.

We made a lot of changes “under the hood” and would love to know if you have any issues with the following during your experimental testing:

  • Joining a modded server with the queue in place. We changed the data verification process so that players with incorrect data get kicked out the moment they enter the queue, instead of getting kicked out after going through the queue.
  • The hit registration. We made some improvements and would like to know if you experience any issues hitting targets in the mid to long ranges.
  • The mouse cursor while in the window / full screen. We’re trying to resolve some issues with the mouse cursor being stuck during certain conditions.
  • The AI navigating the environment, and doors in particular. We fixed a lot of bugs on the navmesh side of things.
  • Player collisions with the bodies of bigger dead animals to prevent players from hiding inside them.

As usual, please report any issues you may encounter to our feedback tracker[]. Thank you!

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On behalf of the DayZ team,

Enjoy and we look forward to your feedback.
Thank you

DayZ Dev Team
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