DayZ 1.18 Experimental Update - New assets that go Boom!

Posted on May 19th, 2022 12:40 PM EST
Dear survivors
We’re excited to announce that the experimental build of update 1.18 is now live on Steam. We’ve got a lot of new tools to discuss this time around, changes, and fixes.
Head on over to our forums for the official change notes:
Change Notes[]

First off, there are plenty of new explosives to be found and made. There’s the Claymore, a directional mine found in high-tier military areas which can be detonated remotely. Next we have a powerful plastic explosive that can be found in industrial areas and combined with a new remote detonation unit, which is meant to be detonated from a safe distance. Finally, all you crafty survivors out there can also create an improvised explosive device from a protector case. This device accepts a variety of explosives found in the game and can be activated with a remote detonation unit, alarm clock or kitchen timer.

Speaking of explosive things, we’ve also added a grenade launcher. We chose to go with the legendary M79 – a single-shot grenade launcher – because we feel this one fits our gameplay the best (unlike the underslung grenade launchers for existing assault rifles, which we deem too powerful). We experienced a few challenges in terms of aiming, so please let us know how the current setup works for you. The M79 also comes with a variety of 40mm grenades, which can be found in different places across the world. There are other firearm additions as well, but we’ll leave it up to you to discover what they are.

Since many of these newly created items are considered very powerful combat and base raiding tools, they will be difficult to acquire under the balanced economy we intend to provide. To allow for easier access during this experimental period, we’ve adjusted the spawning of these tools so they appear more frequently and in lower-tier areas.

We hope you’re going to have fun with all these new tools, and we look forward to bumping into you during our regular Friday playtests!. If you have any feedback or encounter a bug, please report it to our feedback tracker.

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On behalf of the DayZ team,

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