DayZ 1.17 Out Now

Posted on April 19th, 2022 10:16 AM EST

Greetings, Survivors!

Update 1.17 just went live on Steam! While we’re already hard at work on the next update, this text will elaborate on the most important aspects of 1.17. Our primary focus this time around was on the themes of accessibility and crafting. If you’re interested in seeing a full list of the update’s additions, changes, and fixes, See link at bottom of the post.

One of the key parts of update 1.17 is the addition of new sensitivity settings, which offer players the ability to adjust the sensitivity of their controls in different scenarios such as aiming, moving, and steering. Another important part of the update is the revised existing control scheme for controllers, the addition of an alternative control scheme, and a large bug-fixing pass on a variety of control-related issues. The alternative scheme gives us room to adjust the controls without affecting the existing scheme in a major way and enables us to resolve some long-standing issues with the existing scheme. We will be processing feedback from the stable branch of 1.17 and possibly adjusting the alternative control scheme further. Control schemes can be changed while in the main/pause menu through the controls screen.

Crafty survivors can now make an improvised gas mask filter, a belt out of rope, a cookware stand for a fireplace, and a whole new set of improvised clothing made out of rags. The crafting of a stone knife has been revised and bones can now be used to craft a bone knife. Meanwhile, both improvised knives can be used to craft an improvised spear. Some non-craftable melee weapons have also been added, such as a meat tenderizer (which works as a weaker hammer), a cleaver, and a pitchfork.

Speaking of weapons, the selection of civilian firearms has been expanded, and now includes the CR-550 Savanna - a powerful .308 hunting bolt-action rifle, as well as the .308 Longhorn pistol and the legendary P1 9mm pistol.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll be kicking off our Walpurgis Night event alongside update 1.17, which will run from April 19th to May 9th.

On behalf of the DayZ team

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