DayZ 1.17 Experimental Update - Return of the Longhorn

Posted on March 23rd, 2022 11:37 AM EST
Dear survivors
We are happy to announce that the experimental phase of upcoming game update 1.17 has started and is now available on Steam. The update is focused on accessibility and crafting themes, though we’ll mostly discuss the improvements made to accessibility in this article, and let you discover the update’s new items and features on your own. If you’d like a complete list of additions, changes, and fixes, head on over to our forums for the official change notes. (Steam[]).

Cookware (including cookware stands) can now receive damage when used over time, and lard is no longer required when preparing food. Gas mask filters are no longer ruined when depleted and can be refilled using charcoal tablets. We’ve also implemented a new system of universal temperature sources, which allow us, for example, to have torches increase a character’s heat comfort. Last, but certainly not least, we’ve added 3 new civilian firearms, as well as a pitchfork and craftable spear.

We hope you’re going to enjoy this experimental branch and look forward to meeting you all during our regular Friday play tests. If you have any feedback or encounter a bug, please report it to our feedback tracker.

Read more from our article here: Article 1.17 Experimental []

On behalf of the DayZ team,

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