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Posted on November 26th, 2021 10:02 AM EST
Hey Survivors,

2021 has been an exhilarating ride for all of us. We started off strong in January by hitting our peak player count on Steam. For this, we’d like to offer our deepest gratitude to our wonderful community who has stood by us and empowered us to prosper. It is such a humbling experience and we sincerely hope that you’ll stick around as we strive for newer heights!

At the moment, nominations for this year’s Steam Awards are underway and we’d like to ask for your support once again by nominating DayZ for the Labor of Love Award. The criteria for this prestigious award is as follows:

“This game has been out for a while. The team is well past the debut of their creative baby, but being the good parents they are, these devs continue to nurture and support their creation. This game, to this day, is still getting new content after all these years.”

This, as you already know, perfectly describes what DayZ is. It’s not just a labor of love that belongs to the dev team or Bohemia Interactive in general; it also belongs to you, the community, who’ve made friends through the game and collaborate with each other to tailor the DayZ experience to your unique tastes.

This year, the team has worked rigorously to release update after update and introduce new content that includes various firearms, new playstyles and upgrades, customizations to community servers, and an entirely new environmental threat that radically intensifies the DayZ experience. It’s been a long and arduous road for the team but it’s totally worth it because we know and love our committed community of modders, content creators, and server owners who have been pushing out amazing content throughout the year like creative tools, week-long competitions, and a plethora of new community maps.

We are incredibly grateful for your support and believe that both the community and developers deserve this amazing award.

So if you feel the same way, please cast your vote and show us your support.

Thank you,
The DayZ Team
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