DayZ 1.14 Experimental Update and Contaminated Areas

Posted on September 2nd, 2021 09:03 AM EST
Game Update 1.14 is now live on Steam and Xbox. We really enjoyed preparing this one for you. It is by far the biggest update of the year and the most exciting for us since the release of Livonia. In this article, we’re focusing on the things we want to get the most feedback on. If you’re interested in seeing the full list of changes, you can visit our official change notes for PC here.

Danger is looming over the lands of Chernarus and Livonia. If you’ve seen our teaser from last week, then you’ve probably figured out what that means. If not, allow me to present the contaminated areas. These areas come in two variants: static and dynamic. Static areas are meant to lock away high tier loot, while dynamic areas make the world more unpredictable, which spices up random encounters and forces survivors to reconsider their loot routes. We’ve worked hard to make your experience with the area as immersive an experience as possible through various visual / sound effects. These areas have allowed us to add new functionality to protective gear such as gas masks and NBC suits. On top of that, some major changes were introduced within the central economy configuration to make sure entering the static areas is worthwhile. We also added a new infected type to keep you on your toes at all times.

We’re definitely interested in hearing your feedback regarding the balance of accessing the area, your experience inside the area, the loot from the static areas, and overall performance in general. We’ve made this feature fully customizable, so any server owner can add / remove new static areas as they wish.

Coupled with our work on the contaminated areas, we’ve finally taken a look at the obstructed view of the head and face, as well as other gear-related effects. This includes a reduction in what you can see while wearing various head and face coverings, as well as effects for glasses and even breath condensation on the glass of a gas mask.

For more exciting new additions including Tripwire, Rabbit snares, And New rifle.
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