Purgatory Se7en

Purgatory Se7en
Hostname Purgatory Se7en| 250K | Helis | Drugs | KoTH | WKndRAID | LOOTx
Status Checked 4 minutes ago
Players 3 / 80
Location United States of America
Version 1.12.153904
Platform Windows
Registered by Boosli
Registered since May 4th, 2021 09:59 PM EST
Last update May 4th, 2021 10:11 PM EST
Tag(s) Dedicated Hardcore

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We are Purgatory Se7en!
From first timers to Oldschool Arma II Veterans....from Lone Wolf Survivors to Tactical and Highly Organized Clans......

- Purgatory Se7en -
Created by a close, mature, and respectable and experienced group of server admins, our goal is to present to the DayZ players a completely fresh, all new community/modded server that strives to bring the casual or even hardcore Dayz survivalist's the type of mature, extremely fun, and highly engaging gameplay that everybody seeks.

- What Purgatory Se7en has to offer -

🎮 Multiple, completely customized and relocated Traders: Entirely Customized Green Mtn. Traders and SafeZone, Completely new and custom Gnomo Trader SZ, Heli Trader (Mini SZ), Vehicle Trader (Mini SZ), Prison Island Drug Trader, Pelt Trader as well as Black Market Trader. Every Trader and location has been reworked.

🤺 *Weekend Only Raiding* (Friday 5pm UTC----Sunday 11:59pm UTC)

We at Purgatory Se7en understand and realize that everybody is a human, and each one of us humans have lives and important responsibilities that we need to take care of throughout each day.

Working hard and putting in the time and effort into building an awesome base isn't a quick and easy 30 minute job...and most players who have built an efficient and useful base find it could very well take an entire weekend or more just to finish the base and then decide to log off for the night because of an early work/school, etc.. start time the next morning just to come home at the end of the next day and find that the base you spent a weekend or more on building has been completely cleaned out, gear, weapons and all the loot you gathered and placed in the storage is gone, and now you're back at square one and didn't get the opportunity to even be able to logon and defend your base and all your gear and supplies you worked hard for, ALLLL because you had to get some sleep for an early start at work the next morning or the important responsibilities you have as an adult held you back.

We know, and we get it. The majority of players who work a full time job or have full time school are very busy on weekdays and have the weekends off. This type of raiding schedule will give those busy players in this situation a reasonable time frame for them to be able to log on (provided they have the weekend off) and be able to stop that little kid who is defying their mommy's bedtime rules and does not give a shit about grade school from hitting your base whenever you are offline. This gives every player 5 days out of the week to stock up on raiding supplies for the coming weekend.

🤑 Ingame player activity bonuses $$$$ (outside of SZ ONLY)

Money doesn't grow on trees and spending your 250k you spawn with in your ATM won't last forever. We have added a unique way to earn a little extra cash just by playing the game. As long as you are outside of any SafeZone for 30 minutes straight and remain active, you will get a small $2500 cash deposit right into your ATM every 30 minutes until you walk into a SZ.

Additional current server mods (included but not limited to)

Every Trader in the server has had the whole trader layout screen wiped fresh and every item was categorized and moved together with every other variant of the same item instead of everything being one big melting pot. (MVS Combat Shirts are all together with eachother and the color is easily selectable for example....) Extremely beginner and seasoned player friendly and extremely easy on the eyes + easily readable making it easier to locate the specific gear you're looking for.

1. 8x LOOT
2. Psycho Vehicles, MRAP 4x4, Jeep Wnagler, Jeep Willies...more
3. Raiding Tools, Breaching Charges, CodeLocks, lockpickable vehicles.
4. BasebuildingPlus + Base Territories + more!
5. Doors and Gates only raiding, NO DISMANTLE UNLESS IT IS CLAIMED BY YOU
6. HellRetex Weapons, ReVGuns Weapons, CPB Weapons...TONS of guns.
7. Cheytech, Barrets, MINIGUNS and so much more!!
8. Upgraded Fresh Spawn gear (mp7 with already installed optic, 2 120rnd mags, cans of bacon, compact backpack....mvs combat shirt and pants...etc
9. SHD Ghillies, MVS gear, MSFC Gear
10. DinkyItems, vehicle fixes, party mod, auto/unlim. run, and many many more!
11. Helis and Heli Trader

As we continue the never ending process of improving, we hope you join us for the ride.