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(The First Morning)
Early one morning in the year 2007, Chernarussian citizens awoke to police and military personnel assembling across the region. Roadblocks were being deployed and everyone was being ordered to remain within their homes until further notice. With the exception of emergency service personnel, who were all being rushed to their places of work via police and/or military escort. No explanations were given at the time, but were promised to be provided soon.

(The Outbreak)
For quite some time North of the city Severograd, within the Kamensk Military Base. Government personnel had been experimenting with biohazardous materials. One day there was a biohazard containment failure and a classified bio-agent was released onto the base. Soldiers and other personnel became infected by the agent, they began exhibiting extremely aggressive behavior towards the non-infected. Those who were infected began scratching, biting and beating the non-infected to death. This lead to a mutated blood transfer of the bio-agent as well, resulting in a rapid and uncontrollable outbreak. Less then twenty-four hours after the containment failure, the base had fallen. The infected poured out of the base in all directions, making their way into nearby villages and towns.

(The News Release)
Two days after the stay at home orders were issued and roadblocks were deployed across the region, the Chernorussian Government issued a statement on all radio frequencies and television channels. "Citizens of Chernarus, a potentially harmful situation has arisen and for your own safety you are to remain within your homes until further notice. Do not interfere with police and/or military personnel, as they are ensuring your well-being at this time."

(Days Passed)
By the end of the first week, regular gunfire could be heard erupting outside of almost all towns and large cities across the region. The sounds of emergency vehicle sirens became more and more frequent. All major hospitals became overwhelmed by citizens exhibiting unidentifiable illness and/or wounds from being attacked. As the emergency personnel did not know what they were dealing with, proper containment protocols were not implemented. This in turn resulted in all major hospitals becoming a breeding ground for the still unidentified bio-agent.

(The Collapse of Chernarus)
Infected numbers climbed and poured over the cities, Chernarus police and military forces were overrun on multiple fronts and ordered the immediate evacuation of all civilian personnel. But the evacuation orders had come too late. Explosions, gunfire, screams and overall chaos flooded over Chernarus. The Russian Government immediately deployed troops along the Chernarus borders and into the region itself, in attempts to support the Chernorussian military and contain the outbreak. Unknown to anyone, the outbreak had already spread beyond the borders.

(The Global Effect)
Within months military forces across the globe were combating the outbreak, but to no avail. The outbreak consumed the globe at a unpredictable and unstoppable rate. Within years entire cities, states, military forces, countries and Governments fell. The world as we new it was gone. Years after the outbreak, groups of survivors began to pop up in different areas. Groups like Reika, Fallpoint, The SRD, Trading Unions and many more. Some forming alliances with one another and others fending for themselves. Very few military forces maintained themselves without contact with their commanding Governments for extended periods of time. Two particular military forces, Nordic Battle Group and Alpha Company 334 were the exception.

(The Civil War)
Years passed and a Civil War broke out between friendly and hostile groups of survivors. The War killed thousands and resulted in the total collapse of an alliance know as the SZA (South Zagorian Alliance). A collection of survivor groups with the same focuses and objectives. The reestablishment of law and order, protection and aid of survivors in need and the rebuilding of civilization as a whole. The Civil War not only killed thousands, it brought attention to the area as well. The attention of thousands of infected. The infected swarmed the entire area, crashing over the remaining survivors like a wave. Chernarus was labeled a wasteland, uninhabitable and a complete loss.

(Recent Activity)
Many years have passed since the Civil War and even more years have passed since the outbreak began, the year is now 2021.